Reykjavik Bridgefestival - Pairs

The Reykjavik Bridge Festival 2024

The Reykjavik Bridge Festival 2024 will be held in Harpa Concert hall on 25th of January through 28th of January. The tournament is organized by the Icelandic Bridge Federation. Please direct all questions to


Harpa Concert Hall

Registration for pairs

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# Name 1 Name 2
1 Mark Sinner Ron Fosse
2 Mark Sinner Ron Fosse
3 Mark Sinner Ron Fosse
4 Dennis Bilde Martin Schaltz
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Reykjavik Bridgefestival - Pairs

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For pair
Price: 28.000 ISK


Thursday, January 25, 2024
Round 1 7:00 PM 32 boards
Friday, January 26, 2024
Round 2 10:00 AM 20 boards
Round 3 2:00 PM 12 boards
Round 4 3:35 PM 16 boards